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Farid Sheek Biography

Farid Sheek (1994, Isfahan) is a virtuous musician and composer. With the daf, Iran’s famous ancient percussion instrument, he creates contemporary sounds that echo the endlessly rich Persian tradition. Through his music, Farid impresses with stories that are bigger than words, bringing together the past and the present, the East and the West.

Farid plays many different instruments, amongst which the piano and the Daf, with which he currently tours through the Netherlands, and performs at concerts of cultural events.

2012 - 2017 music teacher

2015 composition of dance, Iranian Style

2016 Re Choice, the Roots and Routes

2016 - present Organizer of the Iran / Netherlands Cultural Center

2017 Music album Journey of the return

2017 The Founder of ARTA Events

2018 Various concerts with Maya Fridman,

2018 Musician / composer | George and Eran productions

2019 concerts and Sufi seminars with Rana Gorgani

2019 Music teacher at SKVR

2019 Music teacher at music center southeast Amsterdam

2020 Concert with the Residence Orchestra the Huge

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