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SAYE ROSHAN TRIO combines modern contemporary music with classical Persian music.

The triplet consists of three talented musicians: Farid Sheek, Maya Fridman and Arezoo Rezvani.


Farid Sheek is a gifted pianist and daf player from Iran. In 2017 he was scouted by a passing journalist while playing the grand piano at Rotterdam plaza. Following viral articles about his musical gift in the national newspaper (AD), Sheek was granted two sold-out concerts at De Doelen in Rotterdam. Ever since, Sheek has been touring in The Netherlands and will collaborate with the national orchestra Residentie Orkest in 2020.


Maya Fridman is an award-winning cellist from Russian origin. She was awarded the Best Musician of 2013 at ‘De Grote Prijs Van Nederland’ and had many successful projects amongst which is her collaboration with Tomoko Mukaiyama. Fridman was nominated for the Grachtenfestival Prijs 2018 is one of the finalists of the Dutch Classical Talent 2018/2019.


Arezoo Rezvani is a versatile santur player from Iran, where she graduated MA in Persian Music. She founded and directed the first lady’s orchestra of Persian musical instruments. Rezvani cooperates with many top musicians and has done great efforts to introduce Santure and Persian music beyond Iranian borders.

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