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Composer: Farid Sheek
Text: Mahdi Sheikhbahaei


Sometimes we are embraced with most precious treasure and we don't realize, only when it is taken from us, then we say alas.

We should see and admire the beauty of a flower a such, it is not meant to be decorative instrument in hands of humankind . We should see its pure beauty, thus to realize the pure beauty of its creator. Who is the one who painted flowers so beautiful? Who's the one who select them with such an amazing care? Who's that? Listen to my advice dear ones : try to remember and recall God in each and every step and each gaze."

I made this video for my grandfather, Mahdi Sheikhbahai 'Safi Ali Shah the second' Master of NISO Sufi order, who passed away on Dec 13 - 2015. he dedicated his life to Sufism and touched so many lives.

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